Peace in Pissouri Bay

I’ve been a little quiet on here since I first started blogging – I seem to be constantly busy or away, and, on top of work trips, I managed to steal a cheeky week off work and head for some rest and relaxation myself!

My family and I have been visiting Kalkan, a small fishing village in Southwest Turkey for years, but this year, we wanted something a little different. After scouring the internet for inspiration, we finally settled on Pissouri Bay in Southern Cyprus.


I’m sure we can all agree that going on holiday can be risky business – you finally find a week or two where you can all steal some time away from work, and the pressure to get it just right is pretty overwhelming. Luckily, we weren’t disappointed. Pissouri was exactly what we were after – it was quaint and traditional, whilst not lacking in things to do, or places to eat and drink.

Pissouri is about an hour’s drive from Larnaca airport, and slightly less from Paphos, which seemed to deter holidaymakers in large, since they would be passing large resorts to make their way there.


We arrived – slightly bedraggled and sweaty from our journey – to a warm evening at Columbia Beach Resort. As the lobby door was opened for us, we were greeted by a cool, air conditioned breeze and a cold glass of champagne. Outside, as dusk settled over the resort, a smattering of guests could be heard chinking glasses and talking over the gentle jazz singer who was playing poolside. I felt immediately relaxed.

We decided, on the first evening, to stay in the hotel for dinner, and quickly settled into a spot on the veranda of the Eros Cocktail Bar to enjoy the sunset and music with a G&T, before moving down to the Apollo Taverna for some food. Throughout our stay, the food at the hotel was beautiful, and the staff are not only extremely friendly, but also very willing to accommodate their guests, adapting items off the menu as requested.

The next morning, we woke up nice and early to enjoy some poolside breakfast, before fully exploring the hotel in the sunshine. The views were outstanding, and the hotel boasts an enormous swimming pool, which stretches from outside to inside the spa, as well as a large grassy area and several sun beds on the pebble beach below, where there are plenty of water-sports to chose from!


The hotel grounds also house it’s very own chapel, the interior of which was hand-painted by British artist, John Cambridge, and was designed to replicate the early Christian buildings of Cyprus. The chapel is absolutely breathtaking, both from the outside, with it’s undisturbed sea views, and the inside.


The village square is a short drive away from the hotel, and, whilst fairly small, is not lacking in character or charm. Locals and tourists mingled together, sitting outside small bars and cafés enjoying the Cypriot weather. The tavernas seem to overspill and become one, making it hard to distinguish which one you are actually in! On our final night in Pissouri, we went to O Vrakas Taverna, which served authentic food as well as hosting a Bouzouki night. Haris, the owner, gathered together all of the women diners, and had us dancing around in a large circle in the square, while the men threw plates into the centre. Plate smashing is a Greek tradition, which spread throughout Cyprus, and was originally carried out with knives to show appreciation for performers. Said to be an expression of Kefi (the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits or frenzy), plate smashing is now a tradition reserved for special occasions, and, of course, tourists!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my little break, and have managed to get some relaxation and sunshine yourself! I’m already thinking about my next holiday…



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  1. It looks like paradise!


    1. tipsygypsydiaries says:

      It really was! So relaxing!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nikki Salter says:

    Loved reading this, and fab photos. Hope it’s OK – I have shared on my G+ page about Pissouri Bay.


    1. tipsygypsydiaries says:

      Of course! Thank you for sharing.


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