Sipping my way around Singapore

I have to say, this being my first trip to Singapore, I am quite guilty of having spent my week falling into tourist tap after tourist trap, with the goal of ticking a few things off my bucket list, whilst trying to capture the perfect insta…#singapore.

One of my favourite things about this city was the fact that many of the tourist attractions involved having a drink of some kind…who can complain about a bar that is technically ‘cultural’?! Not this Tipsy Gypsy!

As I said, I did tend to stick to the beaten track, particularly bar-wise, but here are my thoughts, nonetheless.

Marina Bay Sands


Need I say more? Perhaps the most recognisable structure on Singapore’s colourful skyline, Marina Bay Sands needs little introduction. I don’t think a visit to the island is truly complete unless you whizz up to the 57th floor (very quickly, I might add…you’ll feel your ears pop in the lift!) to enjoy a tipple…or three! You do have to pay an entry fee to get upstairs, however, you can put your token towards the price of a drink, so it doesn’t really count!

Once atop the hotel, I must admit that I appreciated the light breeze that could be felt almost as much as the 360 degree view of Singapore! There are a couple of bars on the roof, but we opted for C’est La Vie, which has a cool, relaxed, lounge vibe in the early evening (I believe it becomes more club-like later on, but I had a Cinderella night & was home by midnight).

I highly recommend the Veuve Clicquot Rich Citrus cocktail, although I’m sure that all of the drinks on offer would be delicious!

Raffles Long Bar

Raffles Hotel is a must-see whilst in Singapore; named after the founder of the country, Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, it was declared a National Monument by the Singapore Government in 1987 (I told you that my bar journey was educational!)

I popped in for a glance around and a Singapore Sling, which is the national cocktail of Singapore, and was designed to enable women to enjoy alcohol in public (1. Shout out to barman Ngian Tong Boon for this glorious creation, and for standing up for our rights to enjoy a tipple publicly, & 2. Why doesn’t every country have a national cocktail?!).

The hotel is absolutely stunning; with colonial architecture and interiors, it feels like a calm oasis amidst the otherwise chaotic, cosmopolitan centre of Singapore.

img_3509We queued for a short while to get a table inside Long Bar, however, this was definitely worthwhile, since it meant that it wasn’t too busy inside and we didn’t have to wait too long to get a drink (one of my pet peeves!).While you do wait for your Singapore Sling, you can enjoy littering the floor with peanut shells – Raffles Long Bar is the only place in the state where littering is permitted! Visitors have certainly made the most of this novelty, and you’ll hear the satisfying crunch of the shells under your footsteps as you make your way to the bar.

I’m not sure that I’d head to Long Bar on a regular basis, but I’d definitely recommend heading there to try the original Singapore Sling, if only for a bucket list tick.

I actually have a couple more bars to tell you about, but I realise I have rambled on enough for one blog post! Another round will follow shortly…


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