Nature’s Light Show

I know, I know, I have promised you a Part II of my bar crawl around Singapore: it’s coming, I promise! As usual I’ve spent most of my time either in the air, exploring, or recovering from jet lag (& hangovers)…squeeze in trying to catch up with friends and, you know, showering, and I just haven’t got round to finishing it off just yet.

ANYWAY, the bright lights of Marina Bay Sands are nothing compared to what I witnessed on my last flight.

I was just going about my business (aka making myself ANOTHER cup of tea to get me through the flight to Seoul), when a rather excited pilot appeared, summoning me towards the window.

You guessed it…we could see the Northern Lights.


I know plenty of people travel specifically to see the Northern Lights, but I have to admit, it hadn’t ever been top of my Bucket List. How wrong I was. The show was absolutely unbelievable.

The Flight Deck took on a decadent hue, and for a moment, as I watched the emerald lights dance ahead, leading our way across the darkness and dulling the electronic lights of the aircraft, I completely lost any sense of time or place.

I’ve done a bit of research into (read: quickly Googled) how and why the NL appear, and this is the best explanation I could find for the scientifically-slow, like myself:

The mesmeric lights are formed from fast-moving, electrically charged particles that emanate from the sun. These are driven towards the Poles by the Earth’s magnetic field and their varying colours are a result of the different gases in the upper atmosphere.

The Telegraph, 17 October 2016


Anyway, I thought I’d share my rather blurry photographs with you. These imagines in no way do the Northern Lights any justice; seeing them was not only spectacular in a visual sense, but it really made me feel very small and irrelevant, as well as incredibly lucky.


It just goes to show that no matter how well planned out your adventure is, it’s the unexpected twists that are the most memorable!


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