What’s up MTV, welcome to my blog! 

I’m O, a 23 year-old wine lover & travel junkie (is it bad that that’s how I chose to define myself?!).

Anyway, I’m currently living my dream life; living in London whilst being paid to travel to the farthest corners of the world.

Since I love writing, and am pretty sure I’ve started boring my friends & family with never-ending tales of what I’ve been up to (they’re just jel), I’ve decided to bore you guys instead!

I’m hoping that this blog will also motivate me to try loads of new things, both downroute & at home… not to mention that it’s the perfect excuse to try as many rooftop bars as possible, since it will all be in the name of research!

What’s this blog all about? Well, to put it simply,

Tipsy: I love a glass of wine

Gypsy: I have a severe case of itchy feet syndrome

Call me basic, but what can I say? I love a G&T and a #wanderlust tag as much as the next girl.

I hope you enjoy reading about my life (well, the internet-friendly version, anyway)!

Ciao for now!